A Dinner With FELIZ

Hailey, Glenn, and Sarah

Hailey, Glenn, and Sarah


Last year we started a tradition for after the sale. We let about a week go by so everyone can re-focus on their lives outside of the sale and then we come back together for a potluck and a chance to hear about each other's FELIZ experience. It seems there is a link between wanting to support small artists and being A+ home cooks because, y'all- this food is so good! We're talking homemade ricotta, tiramisu, pesto tagliatelle, antipasti... Maybe you can tell it's been Italian themed so far? We may keep it up, but I think no matter what the theme, it's going to continue to be a really amazing dinner. :) It's a good reason to help us in the fall.

Because everyone put together an incredible spread- we wanted to share the menu here for our reference, and hopefully yours, too! Glenn swears the panna cotta is easy and if she's right then please do yourself a favor and get crackin'. 

Antipasti platter*
Watermelon and feta salad*
Radish and micro green salad with poppy seed dressing
Bright, smoky asparagus*
Lemon, ricotta, almond flourless cake
Panna cotta with rhubarb + chamomile compote*
Pesto tagliatelle

For drinks- bubbly water and all kinds of Italian wine.


Antipasti platter
Thinly sliced salami, ball of fresh mozzarella, mixed olives, water crackers, artichoke hearts, and roasted red peppers.
Put it all on a plate and there ya go.

Watermelon, feta, and basil salad
Cut up watermelon into bite size pieces, toss with feta, season with salt and garnish liberally with torn basil.

Bright, smoky asparagus
Lightly coat fresh asparagus spears in olive oil, grill at high temp (in a grill basket or cast iron pan set on your grill),
flip/turn often to get an even char (approx 5-6 minutes), pull off the grill, plate,
squeeze lemon juice over (to taste), drizzle with a bit of fancy grassy olive oil, sprinkle generously with smoked paprika and Maldon finishing salt - voila’!

Chamomile compote
Glenn mixed the chamomile compote into the rhubarb compote and would reccomend it if you can!
Steep 1 cup of strong loose-leaf chamomile tea.
Add 1 to 1.5 cup fresh peaches to the tea and bring the mixture back to a boil.
Turn down the heat, add 2 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp brown sugar and let simmer for 45ish minutes.
Once reduced by at least 1/3 original volume, hand blend to preferred thickness.
Let mixture cool slightly while you bloom 1 tbsp gelatin in a separate bowl.
Add gelatin to puree, mix evenly, and store in a sealed container until ready to serve with panna cotta. 


It was one of the last spring nights before it got so hot and we took advantage with a little garden walk. Thanks Sarah for hosting, and thanks to the whole team of organizers for setting the bar so high!

Will we see you at next year's wrap party? We hope so! Always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the sale as a volunteer, a vendor, or a sponsor. felizsale@gmail.com


Sponsor Spotlight: Party at the Moontower Rentals

We love having a lounge from Party at the Moontower at FELIZ. It sets the perfect tone- fun and relaxed with a unique look. We wanted to talk with these pros all about parties. How to throw 'em and how to make 'em memorable.

Can you describe for us the ultimate setting for Party at the Moontower?

It would be an outdoor spot, under a grove of trees with twinkling lights…an evening party surrounded by friends. We’d furnish with a nice bar, cocktail tables and lots of lounge seating, so everyone feels the warmth and comfort of being in a private home.  

For those of us not planning weddings- but would like to bring a little flair to a backyard bday party, what is an impactful finishing detail from PATM?

We think it’s a lounge area! Doesn’t have to be big—maybe only a few chairs and couple of side tables—but we think it’s extra nice for hosts to provide warm and inviting areas in places that might normally be empty. A lot of people have social anxiety, and it’s nice to create a moment where folks can relax a bit vs. feeling like they're naked in the middle of a room. 

Do you come from party-throwing families?

Sorta…My family is in the restaurant business, so I grew up hanging around those public spaces a lot. Unfortunately, my folks were too busy being the operators to throw too many parties themselves! Tenaya comes from a family of 8 kids, so every day was like a party for her. No joke. 

Can you describe an early party memory?

For my father’s 50th birthday one of his friends got him a surprise sexy birthday greeting—sorta like the famous Marilyn Monroe “happy birthday Mr. President” routine. Scantily clad, she started singing and dancing next to my dad, my little sister who was maybe six at the time started yelling “you get away from my daddy!” in front of everyone.


There are a few moms on the Party at the Moontower team, are you developing celebratory traditions with your kids?

I’d like to think so! But right now the only ones I can think of are our daily celebrations. Like sometimes we’ll have random dance parties to help my daughter (and me) get some energy out before bed. Recently we’ve been really into picnics! Ideally we're at a park or something. The other day we just put a blanket on our front porch and ate there (cause we don’t have any grass in our yard).

I think you all travel quite a bit for inspiration, business, and relaxation. What are the last great vacation spots for the team?

We visited Oaxaca City at end of last year for a wedding. It was hands down the best wedding I’ve been to… festivities included dancing in the streets with shots of mezcal and eating the feast of our lives in the most incredible botanical garden I’ve ever seen. Inspirational to say the least.

I’ve finally started leaving enough room in my suitcase to bring back some souvenirs. Do you have tips for finding the good stuff wherever you go?

Ask around to locals or at your hotel. I find that the more boutique, deisgn-hotels (find on tablet.com) have better tips for the best, non-touristy stuff because they pride themselves on being outside of the mainstream. Even if you’re not staying at one, you can swing by for a drink and ask at the front desk or concierge. And be sure to ask friends for their tips if you know they’ve been somewhere. 

ATTN: invite us to all parties with a lounge set up.

See more gorgeous rentals here. On MAY 6TH, make sure to get a spritz, grab some friends, and hang out at the lounge. You'll see us there, for sure.


Sponsor Spotlight: Chameleon Coffee and a recipe for pecan milk

A tasty, very Texan creamer for your coffee.


Today we're sharing a recipe for pecan milk while also shining a light on FELIZ Spring sponsor: Chameleon Coffee.

Chameleon Coffee has been fueling Austinites for years with their cold brew coffee. They've recently begun offering whole beans for brewing hot coffee at home. Congrats, guys! 

There are so many ways to make an alternative milk. Apparently oat milk is all the rage in NYC, and although almond milk is a popular option, we learned how much water almonds need during the California drought (a lot). Since we live in Texas where pecans are abundant, and we too are susceptible to drought, pecans seem like a great, tasty choice.



1 C pecans
3 figs
2.5 C water + water to soak
Pinch of sea salt

– Soak pecans for 8-10 hours (overnight is great), pour off water
– Add pecans to blender with 2.5 C water and 3 figs.
– Blend until smooth and strain with a metal sieve (takes a few strains) or a cloth bag.
– Add salt to taste and drink up, add to your coffee, or refrigerate for about 4 days.
– Shake before use. 

The milk doesn't taste figgy, it's lightly sweet just like milk. You can buy nut milk bags, but any loosely woven fabric will work. Consider taking this one step further and making use of your leftover pulp. We're talkin' smoothies, granola, a body scrub perhaps... 

Ceramic mug from FELIZ vendor  She Ceramics

Ceramic mug from FELIZ vendor She Ceramics


Find Chameleon Coffee at FELIZ on May 6th from 11am to 6pm, where they'll be offering their whole bean coffee and iced coffee to our patrons.

Thank you to FELIZ vendor She Ceramics for providing those beautiful mugs for the feature. You'll be able to see them in person at the sale.

Swing by the Palm Door on Sabine to see some of our favorite designers, sip on a drink and have a relaxing Sunday. See you there!


Sponsor Spotlight: Aperol

What we're drinking at the sale (and every time we're in sight of a patio):



You can make an Aperol Spritz by the glass, but you can also make a pitcher of it so you can sit outside without having to keep going back to the kitchen for more.



Sparkling water
Orange slice

Over ice; pour 3oz prosecco, 2oz Aperol, and 1oz sparkling water.
Garnish with orange slice (use it to stir).

Batching it?
Use the 3-2-1 ratio with 3 parts prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, and 1 part sparkling water. 


FELIZ Spring 2018 is May 6th 11-6pm, and we'll be serving Aperol Spritzes made with local sparkling water, Big Swig!

Swing by the Palm Door on Sabine to see some of our favorite designers, sip on a drink and have a relaxing Sunday.