What We Brought Home

FELIZ was Sunday and the dust has settled. What's left but to gush about all of our finds?  Below, the women of FELIZ are sharing what they picked up and what's still on their minds.

Boyd's Green Vetiver - I've been thinking about it since last FELIZ.
The incredible Miranda Bennett Wrap Top. This edition is ending soon so I'm glad I got this dreamy pomegranate-derived green before it's gone. But what's next?
High Sun Low Moon's Golden Oil. It has gold mica in it which is a perfect update to the suntan oil with actual glitter in it I had as a kid. 

I was so busy for the whole event that I didn't get anything to buy! Here are two items on my wish list.
Mother of God Ceramic Hand-Built Planter - minimal and beautiful sculpture home pieces.
Boyd's of Texas High Desert Parfum - I love a masculine perfume for myself. 

A colorful mug from Hallie at She Ceramics
A "Strong Female Lead" T-shirt from the ladies at REALM.
Both pieces are playful, which I think holistically characterizes this Spring's vendor roster.
I'm still thinking about Unravel Co. because those bags are damn charming + ethically made + the brand is singular in focus.

I walked away with a custom pet portrait courtesy of Nails Y'all.
I can not get those Mother of God planters out of my head and I actually just emailed her now to see which shapes are still available/when I can stop by to scoop it up.

I love my High Sun Low Moon incense kit
Moon is going to be making me an embroidered dyed dress in the near future
And I can’t wait to use the fabrics in my Zero Waste Box from sweet Miranda Bennett


I got this beautiful indigo dyed dress from Moon!

I'd been wanting an ELOI scarf ever since I bought one for a friend.
Hey Murphy and Mother of God earrings.
Some Golden Oil by High Sun Low Moon for my mama.

I regret not getting a Cold Ones Pop.


Did something at the sale catch your eye? Post a pic and tag it with #FELIZsale.
Thanks for coming out!