Sponsor Spotlight: Chameleon Coffee and a recipe for pecan milk

A tasty, very Texan creamer for your coffee.


Today we're sharing a recipe for pecan milk while also shining a light on FELIZ Spring sponsor: Chameleon Coffee.

Chameleon Coffee has been fueling Austinites for years with their cold brew coffee. They've recently begun offering whole beans for brewing hot coffee at home. Congrats, guys! 

There are so many ways to make an alternative milk. Apparently oat milk is all the rage in NYC, and although almond milk is a popular option, we learned how much water almonds need during the California drought (a lot). Since we live in Texas where pecans are abundant, and we too are susceptible to drought, pecans seem like a great, tasty choice.



1 C pecans
3 figs
2.5 C water + water to soak
Pinch of sea salt

– Soak pecans for 8-10 hours (overnight is great), pour off water
– Add pecans to blender with 2.5 C water and 3 figs.
– Blend until smooth and strain with a metal sieve (takes a few strains) or a cloth bag.
– Add salt to taste and drink up, add to your coffee, or refrigerate for about 4 days.
– Shake before use. 

The milk doesn't taste figgy, it's lightly sweet just like milk. You can buy nut milk bags, but any loosely woven fabric will work. Consider taking this one step further and making use of your leftover pulp. We're talkin' smoothies, granola, a body scrub perhaps... 

Ceramic mug from FELIZ vendor  She Ceramics

Ceramic mug from FELIZ vendor She Ceramics


Find Chameleon Coffee at FELIZ on May 6th from 11am to 6pm, where they'll be offering their whole bean coffee and iced coffee to our patrons.

Thank you to FELIZ vendor She Ceramics for providing those beautiful mugs for the feature. You'll be able to see them in person at the sale.

Swing by the Palm Door on Sabine to see some of our favorite designers, sip on a drink and have a relaxing Sunday. See you there!