Meet The Maker: Luv Fats Ice Cream


So happy to have you join the FELIZ family this year! Can you tell us about Luv Fats origin story?

Luv Fats ice cream is a dairy free avocado based ice cream made from local flavors and ingredients. I started making ice cream for my mom about two years ago. She suddenly became allergic to dairy products and I wanted to make something for her birthday. The original avocado ice cream was our first flavor, I served it at her birthday party and everyone enjoyed it so we continued to make it at home to test out our recipe. Then we decided to use avocado in all of our ice cream as an egg replacement. Turns out it works wonders for the texture by adding in more fat so the ice cream is just as creamy and rich as dairy ice cream. 

What's been the most rewarding thing about owning your own business? and what's been the most challenging?

The most rewarding thing for me is getting to meet so many creative entrepreneurs and even my customers are all so smart and friendly it makes my heart gush that they come out and support me and my business. Also, meeting so many ice cream enthusiasts makes me luv my job even more and it fuels me to keep reinventing and updating my ice cream. The most challenging this is doing everything on my own from selling, to marketing, and making the ice cream. I have a good support system but sometimes you feel that sense of loneliness creep up on you as a sole proprietor. 

What would we find you doing on a summer afternoon in Austin?

Probably packing up from the downtown farmers market, heading home to unpack and soak my feet, then scouring the city for some crispy falafel, I have a gnarly sweet tooth so I usually finish my night with gelato or ice cream. 

Favorite food thatโ€™s not ice cream:

French fries all day!

What does a typical (and by โ€œtypicalโ€ we obviously mean non-typical) day in the life look like for you?

On a work day as in a (kitchen day) I wake up sometimes as early as 5am to get in the kitchen by 6a. Then I go home make some Kenyan coffee and plan my week/flavors for the weekend. I will respond to emails and try to post on instagram about new flavors or market times. Then I'll go to the gym (gotta even out my non-scooping arm) or I'll stay at home and do some yoga outside. I'll check on my plants then I'll chill with my dog Santiago or take him for a walk. I'll usually end my night watching cooking shows with my sister or a telenovela if I'm home alone. 


Taste all the flavors from Chi on June 2nd at The Palm Door on Sabine St. Follow her instagram to see the newest flavors each week!