Father's Day Selects: From the FELIZ Team

Father's Day is coming up on June 17th! The spring FELIZ vendors have some pretty great gifts for the dad in your life. We took a peak over the goods and picked some favorites below. 

Happy Father's Day from FELIZ!

FresherThan Amadillo Embroidered Tee - A fun Texas shirt for your fun Texas dad.
Corridor NYC Color Block Hat - I'll probably buy this Super 90's Seinfeld Cap from Weathered Coalition for my dad!


Cold Ones Pops and a sixer - Did you know you can place orders for Cold Ones online? So you don't have to go from market to market looking for Honeydew Lemongrass- which sounds like it would be delicious with something light like Austin Beer Works' Peace Maker.
Boyd's of Texas High Desert - Scent is the sense most tied to memories, so having a scent that your kiddo will always recognize as "dad" is a forever gift. This one has a fire-side profile. Such a safe feeling scent.

Note Roller - Give dad an easy way to organize his thoughts. Maybe before bed, or at the start of the day. He's got a kid (or more!)- so he's got a lot to keep track of. 
Esby Apparel Jeremy Button Down - a lightweight but polished look for the summer that anyone would love. Also, this one has a tonal floral pattern that's fun! And dad's are fun! So, need we say more?


Kathrine Zeren ties, bowties, and pocket squares - What's a Father's Day round up without some ties? Almost every dad needs one or 10 and these handmade-in-Houston ones are a lovely addition to any collection. Take it from me- dads love to wear ties their loved ones give them. :)