Meet the Maker: Esby Apparel

Meet Esby Apparel – FELIZ sale veteran and local Austin go-to for everyday, USA made essentials. Esby was founded in 2014 by designer Stephanie Beard, and features quality clothing for women and men, with an emphasis on the “menswear mentality,” aka. prioritizing comfort, function and wearability (this, we can get behind!). 


We’re excited to go behind-the-scenes with the brand to highlight their *new* plus size capsule, the first installment of their extended size offering. Here's Steph: 

The plus size conversation has felt like a natural step for us but it honestly all started as a request from our wholesale partnerships. we have a few great accounts that extend sizes in their shops and asked us for our product in a bigger range. and while we were already happy that our size run extends a pretty diverse range with our extra small to large size scale, we knew there was a need for more and we need to be more inclusive.

“A little bit more about our standard fits: we use a grading system that is a little larger than a typical grade between sizes of most brands. most of our apparel has a lose fit intention anyway, so it’s ok for us to have a wider range between sizes. however, this doesn’t include everyone and is harder in one pieces and pants. that being said, we think making a clear statement that we now extend into plus will also open up more customers to try our size large and size 10s. 


This first "capsule" is super small! we wanted to make sure we are able to fit test before we increase to more units in the spring. each season we learn more about fit and are so lucky to have our shop as an incubator where we can test ideas and get instant feedback from customers. after this initial run we will go to 12 in all of our pants, and we will take a few pant fits up to 22. we will be offering more styles in plus each season as we learn more and more about our customers needs.

Currently, our plus size capsule is available on our website, in our shop, at Small Talk, and Hazel & Rose.

Make sure to stop by Esby Apparel at this year's sale. See you Sunday, December 9 @ the Palm Door on Sabine!