Sponsor Spotlight: Thunderbird Real Food Bars

Spring sprang in Texas a while ago, which means we're in that heady time of wildflower season. Going for a weekend drive in the country is serene, but so is driving on the highway because Ladybird made it so. Seriously, some of the best wildflower patches are between 3 lanes of traffic. 🤔 


This past weekend, we went out to Pedernales Falls State Park for a little retreat before the final week of sale-planning. We even left our phones off, grabbed a film camera to document it, and let fate decide if we'd get in-focus photos. Spoiler: not always.

We DID bring a few Thunderbird bars because hiking to the best spot on the river is nicer with a light load.

Thunderbird Bars are home grown here in Austin. It's feels great to support a company in a way that is 100% in-line with how you live. The makers probably hike the same trail when they aren't at their (certified gluten-free) facility testing recipes.

More about the bars- they are gluten free, vegan, and without added sugar, just the natural sugars from the peaches, dates, and other fruits they use. Which is crazy because they are more like a little treat than "energy bar". I smartened up a while ago and started to keep the Cashew + Fig + Carrot in my glove compartment. Now I ... look forward to forgetting to eat breakfast? I kind of do!

Thunderbird breaks down exactly what each of their ingredients does for you on their site which is super informative.
Check it out here.


Get out there, and see Texas! As this post is going to press it's raining really hard, which means this weekend it will be a verdant paradise out there and the rivers will be flowing.


FELIZ Spring 2018 is May 6th, 11am - 6pm.

Before you head out on your Sunday Drive, swing by the Palm Door on Sabine to see some of our favorite designers, ask Thunderbird what's new, and then get out there.