Sponsor Spotlight: Better Half Cocktails and Coffee design pt 1 ft Lilianne Steckel

Lilianne Steckel designs some of our favorite spaces in Austin. Her recent collaboration with Better Half (hosting the FELIZ pre-party) may be our favorite yet, and we know there's more coming from this powerhouse. LIlianne is responsible for the interior design of the space, and next we'll be talking with Jamie Chioco who masterminded the space from the architectural side.


When you think of the space, what is the first detail that comes to mind?

When I started working with the guys they wanted a space inspired by West Texas. The journey out there, the space it occupies in your heart. Running into friends, good music, good hangs. I loved using that as our inspiration because I love to travel and going out there is a special experience for me as well.

What were some must-incorporate details? I am such a fan of the coat hooks at each booth.

Aw, Thank you! We wanted to mix the feeling of a classic diner you visited often with a refined space that allowed for craft food and cocktails to feel natural. The coat hooks and booths were a must as a nod to the diner feel. Also the long window with rounded cap felt very throwback to us and was a nice moment we all agreed was important. The whole group was huge on special moments in the restroom, so we got to have a lot of fun in there! A record player and record display area were another must so they could have the flexibility to stretch the personality of the vibe depending on the night and the feels.


Can you shout out some of your vendors? I know there are some beautiful, locally made pieces throughout the space.

Of course! Boomtown Design did the custom white oak paneling on the walls and ceiling. As well as the pecan dimensional bar front that plays off of the amazing dimensional tile on the front of the order and coffee counter, which is by Mutina and sold by Stone Source. Fox Fine Furniture did the booths and coat hooks you love! Mother of God (A FELIZ vendor!) hand made the ceramic pendant light shades that hang over the booths. Will Bryant painted up our funky bathroom murals. Adam Young made the wood vessels hanging on the wall and framed our West Texas print near the womens restroom. And of course Lauren Dickens did our branding and graphics which were had painted by Joe Swec around the building.

See what inspires  Lilianne on Pinterest

See what inspires Lilianne on Pinterest

Is there a book or resource you reference for design inspiration or for running your small business?

Interior Design Magazine and Italian Elle Decor magazine are must reads and I also love cruising european design blogs because I think the design overseas is so inspiring!

Where is your next vacation?

I am heading to NYC for ICFF in May with a fellow designer to enjoy Design Week. Super excited to see some new products and inspirations.

Favorite drink on the menu?

I love their wine list, but my cocktail of choice is Yes Ma’am for sure. I’m a whiskey girl.


Stay tuned, we'll be discussing some of the site-specific details of the space next with the architects, Chioco Design.

Have you heard? Better Half is hosting FELIZ for the pre-party meet and greet. Wednesday May 2nd from 7-10 with drinks from Espolon. See you there!