24 Hours with Hey Murphy

Do you have one of those pieces of jewelry that seems to pull every outfit together, catch every compliment and generally completely you? We've got a couple, and they're all from Feliz alum Hey Murphy. Sarah Murphy's namesake line runs the gamut from modern to futuristic. Think: opalescent pyramids on brass, acrylic dome rings set in silver, confetti studs and serious chokers. Regardless of the vibe, Murphy's jewelry is always on point.

7:30 am - These two scoundrels wake me up. I stare at my phone for a while before I actually get out of bed. Feed them, let them out, and then shower. 

:30 am - COFFFFFEEEEEE!!!!!!! That's how I feel when I wake up in the morning. 

After coffee I head upstairs to my studio to check on emails, ebay bids, depressing election news, Hey Murphy orders, and supplies. I usually order materials I need in the morning before I head off to work. I love my studio, especially in the mornings. 

:20 am - I get ready for work and then I'm off . 

10 am - I work at Bell & Bird, which is a local antique jewelry store that sells 18th and 19th Century Jewelry. It's different from what I design for Hey Murphy, but it's hard not to obsess over the craftsmanship and quality in the 100-200 year old pieces. 

I managed the Bell & Bird media, correspond and assist with clients, product photography and website maintenance, and whatever else that I can help with.

11 am - After we set up all the display cases. I follow up with emails, sort through incoming jewelry, Instagram a few new pieces, edit photos or shoot the new pieces for inventory or for the website. 

his is a Renaissance point cut diamond ring that's about 500+ years old. Kings mostly owned these rings and because of their rarity and value they were believed to be powerful magical objects. 

1:30 pm - Lunch, my go to spots hands down are Tacodeli or People's Pharmacy. Two gems of Austin. Maybe a little afternoon Houndstooth.

6 pm - Once I get home, I usually chill and play with the pups before heading up to the studio. Once I get there, I try and game plan what needs to be done, whether it's workings on new pieces or finishing orders or corresponding with buyers.

/9 pm - My wonderful, wonderful fiancé Matt almost always cooks dinner for us, so I usually take a break and eat with him. If I'm super stressed I'll eat in my studio... not glamorous but it calms me down sometimes. 

stole this one from @Mattkemb ... he likes to play with food.

stole this one from @Mattkemb ... he likes to play with food.

12/1pm -  I usually finish up in the studio and head to bed. If I have orders that need to be filled than I might stay up later. 

ey Murphy Silver Choker that will be available at Feliz

ey Murphy Silver Choker that will be available at Feliz

All images via Hey Murphy / Sarah Murphy.