The Processes With Daniela Vidal of MONOMENT

Since MONOMENT was created last year, with the intention of making simple and delightful leather goods to accompany everyday life I have been enjoying each and every step of the process.  Working and learning everyday has given me the opportunity to optimize and improve the manufacture process and designs. This is a description of the process that I go through to manufacture each of the designs.

01_ I am very demanding about the pieces of leather I select, I take the time to compare and select the best according to the accessories that I will manufacture with it.

02_ I like the smooth texture and light color of the vegetable tanned leather but I also enjoy the imperfections on each piece as a natural material.

03_ After sketching the ideas and polishing details on the design I make a pattern to cut the pieces and make sure all are same size.

04_ The next step will be to hand dye the leather and let it dry to put together the pieces after.

05_When it is ready I’ll mark the line that will follow the punches and will prepare it to the stitching process.

06_ The traditional saddle stitching is used in every accessory handmade by MONOMENT. The hardware installation and finish layers are the last steps to the manufacture process.

07_ The packaging is very important because it’s going to be the first impression for the customer when receiving a package and I want them to enjoy everything they receive.

I like taking care of each step of the process and pay special attention to details as that’s what makes each piece unique.