A dream-day with Paige Russell of ELOI

We could not be more pleased to introduce Paige Russell and her line of color-loving scarfs, ELOI. Each scarf is designed from construction paper cut outs and collaged (think Matisse meets Pee-Wee's playhouse) The results are part psychedelic, part high-end art, and very very playful. She takes us through her dream day, illustrated by her own cut-outs, and complete with talking dogs, many mushrooms, and lots and lots of dancing. 


8am- Doc (dog) wakes me up by tap dancing around the bed. She can speak English today, and she tells me that my type 1 diabetes has miraculously vanished.


9am- Eat four mushrooms, two eggs and one toast. 












10am- Spend the morning in the studio cutting construction paper and waffling around. 





2pm- Go somewhere on the greenbelt, get a very dark tan. Read a book. Doc doesn't appear to tan well.

5pm- Every one of my friends shows up from far and wide. They've brought their dogs, champagne, fettuccini alfredo and more mushrooms. 




6pm- Laugh, talk, dance for 8 hours straight.



2am- We get cozy and all fall asleep together outside on a humongous bed with bonfire nearby.