It's time to start meeting our designers, first up is Lindsay Eyth, of eythink, designs a collection of feminist inspired-wares that are both sharp and playful. With Austin's wealth of talented and ambitious women, we see how Lindsay's work has struck a serious chord with this town ~ and Lindsay's a local! So how exactly does she spend her day? She indulges our request to spend 24 hours in her life:


Since I usually work late and I'm a known baby about mornings, I get myself a huge glass of water and a cup of coffee and get back in bed to read the internet with my cat Mo until the caffeine kicks in. 


At this point I'm usually in a hurry to get to the day's tasks, so for breakfast I grab a smoothie at the Juiceland on my block. My favorite is the Bambaataa— it's delicious, and with raw almonds blended in, it's really close to actually eating.


I often have a couple errands to run before I get to the studio, like stopping by my stockist, Catchtilly ("A head shop for the babe that's down") to re-up their supply of my pins, patches, and totes. This shop is gorgeous and Amanda's a delight, so I end up shopping and chatting for a little while. I'm a big fan of Catchtilly's collection of print publications, and the countless beautiful artist-made pipes.

12 pm

I love my studio at the Museum of Human Achievement so much. I have the best studiomate in the world, and get to see an incredibly wide variety of artists making work every day. Once I get settled in at the studio, I'm usually here for the long haul. 


By the time I get everything done — working on new products and commissions, preparing for events (like a whirlwind trip to SF for a Renegade Craft Fair, followed immediately by Feliz!), answering emails, and packing orders from my shop — it's gotten pretty late and my dogs are barkin.



I'm tired, frazzled, and forgot to eat a real meal all day, so it's time for some carbs. I spend a lot of my workdays alone, so I try to drag a friend out with me to Drinks Lounge so I can enjoy my Arlo's bac'n cheezburger and tots with a side of actual human interaction.


BATH TIME. Maybe I can't control everything in my life, but I can go to bed well-moisturized, smelling incredible, and wake up in a few hours to do it all again.

All photos by Annelise Dubois