Winter Wish List: Jenny Mulder of Sister

Hello Blogosphere! I'm Jenny ~ I run sister coffee, co-organize Feliz, and make ceramics. These three worlds will all join during our Feliz Winter Sale, where the event is in the 913 Collective (Farewell Books, Las Cruxes, and Sister Coffee) and I'll have a growing selection of my (and my favorite) ceramics up for grabs. 

Being your own boss generally means there are times of plenty, and belt-tightening times. When money comes in, I already have a mental wish list queued up to buy. I love to shop, I love discovering designers, digging for thrift treasures, finding new perfumes, oils, sprays, and buying art.  It's really a shame I'm not ridiculously wealthy. 

Here's my winter wish list + one item I would gift from my own collection of stuff :) Enjoy! 

1. Watchman Woodworks Serving Board

Honestly, I already bought one. The wood is gorgeous, the cut is beautiful, and the moment I held it in my hands I was like "this must be what sophistication feels like". I initially bought it as a gift, but I'm going to keep it because I think I'll appreciate it the most. 

2. Mondo Mondo Daisy Ring

I have the absolute delight and torture of sharing a building with Las Cruxes. Delight because this is a boutique filled with rare, stunning finds ~ and torture because I can't have them all. This daisy ring is perfect, and my deep down mega-ego believes it was made just for me. 

3. Foxwares Serving Bowl

I recently moved in with a friend who hosts regular dinner parties. In my opinion, there are two real reasons to host dinner parties: 1. to get all your friends drunk on wine and good-good feelings and 2. Prove to everyone (including yourself) that you have the most beautiful life, with beautiful things, good food and candlelight. These dishes from Foxwares would do just the trick :)

4. Mississippi Medicine by DS & Durga


This perfume isn't beautiful, isn't romantic, isn't fancy-smelling or even that nice smelling, but I swear to you: I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. It's like some Carcosa, mythic bayou, rich incense burned outside at night. Plus, who ever really wants to smell like perfume when you can smell like a feeling?

5. Sister Ceramics Blue Face Vase

If I had to choose one of my own items, I'd probably gift this blue face vase I made during EAST this year. I just started using this clay inlay technique where I don't actually use any glaze, but just different colored clay cut outs. I love janky faces and simple creatures like this. Any object that would bring a goofy smile to the giftee, is this gift I love giving most.