Good Idea: Craigsprose + Tiffanie Lanmon

I jumped out of my seat a little bit when I saw Tiffanie Lanmon's latest project, Craigsprose. I was scrolling through my phone at a stoplight when I saw the first one (accompanied by the photo above):

Free Three Small Evergreens (Los Alamos)

Free three
small trees
that we want out of our yard.

You must dig,
and carry away.

Please call or text.

Tiffanie's ability to exaggerate the absurd fumble-y sort of way we interact on craigslist is de-lightful. I've been there, taking cellphone photos and trying to get rid of things for $25 (and being offered $20). Trying to sell something you don't want to even look at anymore is tricky. Espeically when those things are rocks, rubber bands, things being cleaned out of the pantry.  On craigslist, people sound silly (or worse, dull and mechanical) but Tiffanie turns them into poets.