Maker's Faves: Sarah Murphy of Hey Murphy

We love Hey Murphy. Her jewelry line shares her spunky, cool personality and can be seen on the hip chickadees all over Austin. She hails from D.C. and has the kind of East Coast pragmatic sass that Austin (and Feliz) are seriously lucky to have. She's been a part of the Feliz family for a few years now, and delivers each time with an awesome display + new interesting additions to her line. We get to find out a little more about what she likes, and see what she has in store for the Spring sale. 

Favorite Noodle - I come from an Italian family and we ate spaghetti all the time! I'm not a huge fan of it. I don't hate paste, I just would never choose to make it or order it. On the other hand I do love vermicelli noodles. I'll credit that to my boyfriend Matt, who introduced me to Vietnamese Bun Bowls . 

Texture -  My pup's fur. He has what's called a "slick coat".

Horror Movies- I'm such a wuss! I can't handle horror films. My boyfriend makes fun of me because I'm truly terrified of zombies. If you considered Jaws a horror movie than that would be my top pick. No zombies in that one. 

Candy - That's an easy one. All time favorite candy would be Enstrom's almond toffee. 

Comedians -  Favorite comedy shows would be Broad City and High Maintenance and current favorite comedian would be Hannabal Burreess. 

Karaoke Songs - This one is a high school throw back, Weezer, Say it ain't so!


Beauty Products - Clarisonic , Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Peel, Cetaphil SPF 15 Moisturizer, and Mac Lipstick.

Hey Murphy is a small, handmade jewelry line created by Sarah Murphy in Austin, Texas during the summer of 2010. Clean lines, mixed metals, geometer shapes, raw natural stones, and resonating dues, inspire the minimalist designs. Each collection has been designed and artfully curated to be accessible everyday pieces that are simple and elegant.  

All images via Sarah Murphy