What I Bring To Visit the Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is something I need. It's not cause I surf (I don't even really like getting into water without water-shoes) I don't know how to fish or operate any kind of boat, I don't really like sand, or laying on a towel, or most beach stuff. Truthfully, the ocean terrifies me. It's one of the few things that defeats my skepticism. 

But this week I get to stand in front of the Ocean and watch the fog roll in. The ocean fog refills my spirit. The costal winds will blow my hair around wildly and I won't try to tame it. I'll fill a bag with pieces of driftwood and shells. I'll look out onto the water and be reminded that I'm powerless, but that's fine, because everything is dark and beautiful - which is why I need the Ocean. 

1. Miranda Bennett Denim Tribute Dress - I am increasingly hard pressed to find an occasion where Miranda's dresses don't fit perfectly. This one feels sea-worn to me and I love it. 

2. Sterling Silver Zippo Case from Dan Picked Material - I'll pull this baby out to start a bonfire and everyone will be like "Hey, you live in Texas right? Tell us everything about Texas."

3. Red Letterman's Jacket - My beach memories are all closely tied to high school bonfires. At night the beach becomes an entirely different thing - the ocean is black and ignored except for the sounds of waves crashing. It's so dark and easy to mistake a bunch of strangers around a fire for your bonfire. It's also very important to stay warm and "be true to your school"

4. Jorbens The Wale - Always, ALWAYS bring something a little ridiculous with you when you pack up to go to the beach. You might not think you need to bring this adorable whale, but you do. 

5. Tender Lost Wass Cast Brass Whistle - Oh how I love this whistle - though I'm a sucker with anything that has an engraved face on it. I'd wear this with a long silver chain around my neck and blow it to call my dog back in from playing in the surf. 

6. Aesop Violet Leaf Hair Balm - The sun, salt and sand being blown into my hair is what people call that "beach gal" look, but truly it makes my hair feel like straw. This is my antidote, and also the best smelling hair stuffs around. 

7. LD Tuttle The Square Boot - The Californian coasts I visit are not "flip flop" beaches. 

8. Leather Egg Bag by RTH - This bag is amazing and I bought it for real the day I drove towards CA. It's the best shape, size, and built to last. Something about it says California, something about it says Texas. I love every part of it.