Wishlist Wednesday: Wall Things

Everyone likes to have fun things on their walls.  While it's easy to immediately think of a framed photo, or a canvassed piece of art, there are so many options out there for decorating wall space.  Adding texture and intrigue can be accomplished in one simple step, especially with this week's wishlist of items.  For example, the structural beauty of the large wall sculpture by HRUSKAA above is an awesome focal point.


Speaking of structure, the clean lines of this Rui Ribeiro print would be great paired with other, more colorful pieces, or as a standalone statement.  Seeing as this comes in multiple sizes, the choice is yours.



Does ceiling art count?  Totally.  I've been pining for a Flensted mobile - the ultimate in simple, clean, Danish design - for several months now.  How great would it look in a minimalist style abode? The above is one of the original designs, but they now come in all sorts of fun shapes - hedgehogs, birds, etc.  However, the beauty and style of Flensted mobiles means they're not just for kids anymore.


There seems to be a trend with the color pallette here.  This tapestry from Oh, Albatross is beautifully made and would add texture to any room.  Above a bed or on a wall on its lonesome, this piece would speak loudly.


Given that all of the other wishlist items are fairly monochromatic, I figured I'd throw in a 'splash' of color (har har).  Vintage posters are so great.  I see them lots online, looking longingly for a loving owner who will purchase them and frame them so their delicate corners don't get bent.  That being said, vintage Olympics posters are fun and a great way to add interesting art to a space.  The poster above with art by David Hockney feels incredibly modern.  Just add a thin frame and you're good to go.

There you have it, folks! I'll leave the 'what should I put on that big wall?' question up to you, but I hope that the above items provided some inspiration.

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