Wishlist Wednesday: The Travel Bug


For the next few months, people all over the country will be getting in planes, trains and automobiles and heading out for a blissful vacation. In our minds, it could be the sweetest part of summer time. This week, our wishlist covers all the things we would pack along with us - so that opening up our suitcases is as magical as the vacation itself. 


I always sorta hate bringing a backpack on trips with me - but since I usually end up bringing a library of books and magazines along, it becomes necessary. This backpack would takes away all the pain of having a backpack. 

Adventurers may find themselves on vacations with no running water (or no HOT running water). That doesn't mean you can't still be a little luxurious. This hair powder is plane-friendly and smells like lavender. Done. 


One should never travel without a book


Flip-flops are for gym showers and pedicures (I even think they should be used sparingly at the beach). Why wear them for travel when there are these shoes available to you?  

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