Wishlist Wednesday: Skin

Often, the simplest rituals have the biggest impact on the health of your skin. With this gorgeous wash/lotion combination, your daily routine will be elevated to absolute luxury.


I don’t know about you, but for the next three months, I’ll be alternating between sweaty skin and dirty skin, with brief peaceful moments in the shower. With this extreme weather comes extreme skin responsibility: SPF, moisturizers, blotting papers, and smelling like a super fly, super fresh, babe - even when that might not be how you feel. This wish list is dedicated to my skin - I need you, I love you, I’ll always look out for you.


SPF is for real y’all. I saw the 70’s sun goddess Lauren Hutton at the airport recently, and it was all I needed to turn me into a daily spf wearer. Invest in something good like this Keihls Super Fluid, and you’ll be less likely to forget


I take more baths than I should probably admit in a public forum. I ask myself, why would I ever take a bath without some mineral salts? It gives real purpose to my 30 minute soaks. These are the ones I use, and it makes me skin SUPER-SOFT.



olo will stay lingering on your skin all day - this one smells like walking through a Parisian market in spring. 


this is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g you need for your face. Rhonda Allison is the best I’ve encountered in skin care (and trust me, I’ve encountered a lot). The skin brightening system is the all-around best. It is gentle for sensitive skin, helps with dull & acne prone skin, and will deliver just the right amount of moisture for dry skin.