Wishlist Wednesday: Pour a Glass

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Y'all, I have to be honest.... compiling this wishlist had me clicking the "add to cart" button too many times. I'm in the middle of moving my life to a new apartment, and as I was compiling this wishlist I relaized, my bar cart game is seriously lacking. As in, non existant. So here we are, let's help each other up our hospitality game. 

Find all the goodies below (and if you're like me, you're now planning your housewarming party):


1 | Spanish Wine Glasses from Spartan

2 | Wood Handle Bar Tools Set from West Elm

3 | Bromioli Rocco Cassipeia Glassware from West Elm

4 | French Olive Wood Coaster Set from Spartan

5 | Fort Standard Bottle Openers from Spartan

6 | Mirror Tray from West Elm

7 | Orb Copper Shaker from Crate & Barrel 

this wishlist wednesday brought to you by paige