Wishlist Wednesday: Books


As the temperature outside heats up, time spent indoors inevitably increases.  Let's face it: from about two to five there's nothing to do but retreat to a cool, darkened room.  What better way to pass these scorching afternoons than with something delightful to read and all of its wonderful accompaniments?  Here are some lovely literary items.

Books require shelves.  The Swedish String system (above) is an awesome choice as its components can be purchased separately and assembled in a modular fashion.  The narrow stature and the sturdiness of the shelves make this system beautifully functional.


Books require lamps.  What better way to shine a literal light on your latest literary adventure?  Check out this beauty from Mockingbird Domestics on South Lamar.

A couple of neat books are listed below, the first of which can be found at Austin's very own Farewell Books.  Cory Arcangel: Beige is a compilation of Arcangel's post-conceptual work, focusing on early technology and the brokenness of the modern age.


Also worth checking out is Ali Smith's There But For The, a strange and winding novel that takes the reader through four people's interactions with a man who has locked himself in an upstairs bathroom during a dinner party.  A humorous yet sobering take on contemporary life and its implications, Smith has a unique writing style that is both approachable and intriguing.

Sometimes, books require transportation. Should you feel the desire to venture out into the heat, be sure to pack your books in style with a lovely bag such as this one.

Happy reading!

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