Wish list Wednesday: Future Fall

this is t-h-e vintage coat of fall - it looks half kimono, half serape, but totally cozy and romantic in a campfire way. 

Fall is technically around the corner (September 21st) but it feels like it could be months before we see any bundling-up weather. Still, as the novelty of summer has ended, we can day dream about all the wonderful treats a late Autumn will bring; cozy blankets, warm drinks is ceramic mugs, and cooler hikes in the changed landscape. 

the return of Fall also means a return to the kitchen - the days picnics, outdoor grilling, and smoothies to-go are coming to an end and the kitchen's main event (thnxgiving y'all) is around the corner. For me, cooking is tedious, messy and unrewarding without a beautiful cookbook and the adoration of all my friends. Thankfully, I can buy the beautiful cookbook. 

I'm not going back to school or anything - but these shoes certainly make me wish I was. 


This Fireside Smoke Blend is the smell of seasons changing. Smoke it in a pipe and channel all your cold weather contemplation.


I don't play/watch/enjoy football, but I'm telling myself that this is the football that would change all that. It's handmade in New Jersey and feels less like a tail-gating football, and more like a pre-war, backyard, rainy day in New England football. 


I love japanese pottery because of the "kan-nyu"; the cracking effect on the glaze from the pottery shrinking in the kiln. It's important that all belongings have some disintegrated or destroyed effect to them. 

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