Sponsor Spotlight: Bricolage Curated Florals

I'm such a sucker for pretty flowers. Who isn't, am I right? Something about having fresh flowers around just makes everything better. Having Samantha Jensen's flowers, better known as Bricolage Curated Florals, around is a whole other game. Her wild, rambling arrangements put off that casual "Who, me? These? Oh yes, I just threw these beauties together. No biggie." vibe - in the best kind of way. Jensen has rocketed her way to the top of her game in just a few short years garnering the support of Houndstooth Coffee & Contigo - to name a few. We couldn't be more psyched to have her on board as a sponsor. Bonus: you'll get to see her gorgeous work in action at the Feliz sale this year! 


First of all, clue us in, how did you get started in florals?

It all started a couple of years ago when I began creating weekly arrangements for the coffee shop I also work for; Houndstooth Coffee. From here, people began to notice them and would ask who arranged them... one of those people being the owner of Contigo, a restaurant in town. Once I had these two local companies locked in for weekly arrangements, word just spread and I began getting more and more inquiries for weddings, personal arrangements, more restaurants wanting flowers... Word of mouth is a powerful thing... and Instagram. I always joke (sort of) that I owe my life to Instagram because it has helped my business grown SO much over the last year and half. 

Once I got to spend an afternoon wandering around the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam staring at gorgeous Rococo still life paintings with my jaw half open. They’re just crazy gorgeous. The florals in those paintings have a wild sensibility - a looseness to them. Your work seems to embody that over the top ease. Were they an influence on your work?

Anything else particularly inspiring when you’re working on an arrangement? Oh gosh, every time I see one of those paintings my heart drops to my stomach, they're just so gorgeous and I always hope my work looks like them- That's a HUGE compliment, thank you! I think you said it right "over the top ease..." I honestly just go with the flow when I'm arranging. No formula, no rules, just my flowers and whatever I'm feeling that day. If I couldn't create with ease- this wouldn't be my gig. All that to say, my eye is always drawn to these paintings along with natures settings- sometimes when I'm walking my dog I'll come across a bush that I just love because of it's natural shape and imperfectness, I'll try to mimic this flow in my arrangements. When I'm curating an arrangement for someone/something I also always take in to consideration where the arrangement is going to be presented and take inspiration from that setting, whether it be a wedding in a fancy Hall or a minimalist coffee shop counter top.

In addition to being a skilled florist, you’re a killer barista (a Houndstooth Coffee), how’d you get into coffee? Is it something you’re passionate about or just a fluke?

Haha, thanks again! I've always loved coffee and will never stop! My coffee adventure began with good 'ol Starbucks (we all have to start somewhere, right?) I started as just a consumer in middle school, not sure what my parents were thinking, but by golly I HAD TO HAVE my Starbucks every morning (thank goodness for allowance)! So, when I was old enough to work, of course I applied at a local coffee shop because I wanted to be "one of those cool Barista's".. So, I landed a gig at Scooter's Coffee House in South Austin- It was TERRIBLE, but I absolutely loved it. Form here, when I started college, I decided to "step up my game" a bit and work for Starbucks, where I soon realized corporate America and college weren't for me, so I quit both! Finally, I found what I had been looking for: Houndstooth, and I've never looked back. If you're familiar with Houndstooth, you know we're pretty serious about our coffee and truly care to present the best of the best to our guests... That takes passion.


For those that haven’t had the joy of interacting with you, let me tell them, you are just the sweetest, most earnest, kindest little lady! I really admire you disposition & outlook. It’s nearly impossible to imagine being so sweet all the time - what’s you’re trick? Do you ever have a seriously grumpy day?

Oh do I! Hahaha, especially when I'm hungry! I also think us little ones are the best at being feisty and I definitely have little moments where my fiery side comes out.  My trick- coffee ;) Just kidding, there's no trick, I just care about people.   Tell us something surprising about yourself. OK, hmmm... I wore Jnco's as a kid.... Something a little less worse, I'm a true Austinite and haven't left yet :)

Images via J. Bird Photography & Michelle Boyd