Friday Favorites: Travis Cactus Klunick

(photo by Leah Meltzer)

Travis Klunick is a Texan native, currently studying in The Michener program for creative writing. He's worked as a ranch hand out in West Texas, spent a summer as a truck driver, and exudes a special charm and poetry of old wild landscapes. His appreciation for good company on a hot slow day make his something of a cowboy bon vivant. He shares with us how he would spend a perfect Friday:

This is a really good Friday that I can imagineโ€“I'd start out at Shipe pool. It would be early afternoon and I'd have had a productive morning despite the fact that I might have also been a little hungover. At this point I'd have a really solid iced coffee high and the sun would be coming through the sycamore trees around the pool in a green glowing way that at least is having some kind of James Turrell effect on my brain and at most maybe a slightly psychotropic one. All I'm saying, is that it's a really nice light. Especially because for some reason the sky is an especially impossible shade of blue over Shipe pool and the pool itself really can't be said to be a bad color itself. I'd get there by myself and lie for a while reading something that's really lovely in that it makes the feeling like life is open and unlocked and possible and I'd be believing it. Interspersed with this reading period would be points of some very leisurely times of hanging on the wall in the deep end and watching everyone splash around. One nice thing about Shipe is that there are always a bunch of precious little silly Hyde Park kids running around doing funny stuff that you can watch while you hang very leisurely in the perfectly not too cold, not too hot water. About this time a few friends would arrive. They'd go lay their towels down next to mine and then they would come to where I was in the midst of one of my deep-end-edge-hanging-sessions and they would all do a synchronized twist jump into the water. This particular jump is the most leisurely jump you can do that is at the same time a pretty exciting get-in-the-water-move. We would all hang on the edge of the pool and point out the peculiar weird things people would be doing around us and we would laugh about a lot of other things. Then we'd probably go lie in the sun for a while. I wouldn't read anymore. We'd just talk and then all daydream by ourselves and then talk some more. 

When the sun gets all edgewise and nice and gold, we'd roll up our towels and walk together over to Julio's. Julio's has the best Mexican Martini's and the best green chicken enchiladas in the world. Not everyone knows that, but I know that. Also, their guac is pretty flawless and their porch is a good place to be while the sun sets, in my opinion. Plus, Stella and Julio are really nice. After eating and drinking all these things, I'd probably be pretty satisfied with everything in the world. Also, we'd all be just a little bit sunburned and the exact right combination of sun drunk and real drunk. Everyone's eyes would have at least one hundred smiles in them.

If we were feeling really debauched, we'd go around the corner to Quack's after Julio's and share some chocolate chip cookies. I know it's hard to believe that there could be two establishments so close to one another with world-class food products, but Quack's chocolate chip cookies really are special. Then, if the night was going to end in a spectacularly perfect fashion, there would be some kind of meteor shower going on and we would all meet at the big hill near my house and lie on blankets and drink whiskey and watch the meteors and listen to old country music off of one of those funny bluetooth speaker things.

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