Friday Favorites: Tiffanie Lanmon

Tiffanie Lanmon is charming. Her humor and imagination feel like a little oasis in the flat lands of work & internet, and I knew she'd have a fun Friday favorites up her sleve.  She's a talented musician, and if you've been in Austin for longer than 10 minutes, than you've seen her waving her hair-mop on stage playing drums for Mirror Travel or the bass for Boy Friend. Currently she's working on the soundtrack for Broken Gardenias and scoring Leaves on Trees.  Let's visit a more magical Austin through the eyes of Tiffanie:

I typically work on Fridays so first thing’s first - we must place ourselves in another universe or perhaps just a time of year where I might enjoy a Friday holiday.I’ll wake early, press coffee, and enjoy a small breakfast of eggs and greens and toast while listening to “Court and Spark” for the 1000th time.

I’m a bit of a bowerbird so I might spend the morning doing this and that around the house – carefully arranging and rearranging the tiny collections and altars of my home.  Home is a special place and I find its best (for me, but maybe you could try it too) to prepare one’s home prior to take off so you may land peacefully back in its folds at the end of a day.

I don’t typically indulge in multiple caffeine infusions but this Friday I’m feeling capable of such indulgences so I’ll stop by sweet Jenny Mulder’s very fine coffee situation – Sister Coffee.

 This trailer and this picnic table will keep me for at least an hour while I catch up with Jenny and, very likely, the number of good friends that have dropped by for a little pep in their step.

After Sister I’ll hop on my scooter, hopefully with a very beautiful woman on the back, and will set in the direction of my New Favorite Pool: Givens.

Now, I might be shooting myself in the foot, telling you of this oasis, but I’m trusting that perhaps you already love your Deep Eddy or B. Springs too much to deviate from your own swimming rituals.

So, Givens.

Givens is a warm bath surrounded by grass and tree shade. There are swim lanes if you’re feeling athletic (of mind or body), a diving board, and lifeguards that will let you eat your bag of cherries in peace. (Praise be!)

After some time in the oven I’ll head towards Hillside to put away two dozen of the briniest while reading what Rob Brenzy has to say about the week ahead.  Phew, all good news - <3 and $ and +!

Invigorated by horseradish and positive astrological omens, I’ll scoot to East Austin Succulents as I’ve recently, somehow, I know, I know, allowed even the easiest of care-for-ables to die (basil – really?) and have sworn it is only succulents for me from now on.



This place is a certain kind of Heaven on Earth and the beautiful, diffused light through the greenhouse walls will make you fall in love with everything so be careful who you make eye contact with!

I’ll select a few things and scoot home to carefully decide what should go where (and hold a small funeral for the basil).

Home again; I’ll stay in my cocoon for as many hours as possible, playing guitar and listening to records before I meet friends in the evening or (really, most likely) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz until Saturday.


Court & Spark // Sister Coffee // Givens Pool // Hillside Farmacy // Eastside Succulents