Friday Favorites: Sergio Padilla

Sergio Padilla basically held the hands of Jenny Mulder and Kara Holekamp (of previous Friday Favorites) through a tour of everything-worth-doing in Mexico City. Here he is to take your cyber-hand and guide you through everything-worth-doing in Austin. He's an architect at Matt Garcia Design (based out of Canopy), a fútbol fanatic (even on non-world cup years), and fears that this new found drone-craze is really the beginning of Skynet. 



There Will Be Coffee (and color-changing straws)

Starting off the weekend right for me begins with an iced coffee from Friends & Neighbors. The friendly staff and charming backyard will make you want to take the day off and finish reading that book that's been on your bedside table the last couple of months. (Archi-nerd tip: one of the few places in town where you can pick up a copy of Apartamento and Pin-Up.)



Hot Cheetos & Takis

Food trucks are still my favorite lunch-time option. Whether it's a tasty Bánh mì from Saigon Le Vendeur, the handmade corn tortilla tacos from Taco Guerrero, or some pupusas from Sabor a Honduras (my homie Matthew Odam thinks their fried chicken is some of the best in town!) -- you really can't go wrong.



Happy Hour(s)

After a busy work week our office usually unwinds with a cocktail (or two) at Whisler's. If I'm still at the bar come 9pm, you'll find me at their upstairs Mezcaleria Tobala. The warm vibe of the room (and mezcal) will make you dream about being in a lush botanical garden in the hills of Oaxaca. 



The rest of the weekend is purposefully less structured, but a perfect summer weekend would include a morning run on the brand new Boardwalk at Lady Bird Lake and dancing to DJ Orion's sweaty cumbia mix at Volstead Lounge on Saturday Night. Sundays start slow with an afternoon drink with friends at Yellow Jacket Social Club's shaded patio, moving down the street and catching a Tardeada set from Conjunto Los Pinkys at The White Horse and ending it all with an outdoor screening at the French Ligation courtesy of Cinema East.


Images via 1234