Friday Favorites: Kate Orlowski

Kate was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs and made her way to Austin to study journalism at UT. You can catch her reading the New York Times on campus or picking out locally grown produce at Whole Foods for one of her signature vegetarian dishes. She is the second of the four lovely ladies interning with Feliz this year to be introduced by her very own Friday Favorites:  


Let’s talk about Friday. The one that does’t involve three classes, an article deadline or a closing shift at work. The kind of Friday that I can only dream of and seldom make happen, BUT in the rare event an unencumbered Friday comes my way, this is how it would go:

Friday would start with me swooping up an iced latte at any one of the five, or so, coffee shops in my current rotation. Seventh Flag Coffee and their ultra minimalist space is perfect for a caffeine fix and some zen me-time. Other times when I need a pastry it’s Juan Pelota for a drip coffee and an epic almond croissant. Yes, epic because they are selling Elizabeth St. Cafe’s mind blowing pastries right in the heart of downtown Austin. 

After trekking around campus and dodging hectic motorists all week, the last thing I want to do is spend anymore time on the congested, city sidewalks, so I get in my car and head to any of the great hiking trails or swimming holes outside Austin. If it’s still early I’ll head out to Hamilton Pool or McKinney State Park for hiking and pictures, but if it's late in the day and I don't want to go far I have another secret. I go to Lost Creek and hide out at one of the small falls hidden between the creek’s two main attractions. It's the epitome of peacefulness and depending on the day, you can have it all to yourself.

Fast forward to lunch. If I didn't bring a picnic lunch to eat on my hike, you’ll be sure to find me at Bouldin Creek Cafe on South First. Aside from never having to leave this street to get any and everything I could ever want in the terms of food, Bouldin is all vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Now that’s not something that is hard to find in Austin, but it is nice for a vegetarian, like me, to be able to go out and not have to think twice about ordering anything on the menu. 

For makers and doers, no perfect Friday is complete without getting yourself elbow deep in a new or existing project. Currently I am knitting a cowl but I recently ordered a weaving loom from Board and Bread, and am eager to start making my first weaving. Since I am already a big knitter, weaving is the perfect accompaniment because it uses up all of my leftover scraps of yarn in a beautiful way. 

Alright now its time to eat again, this time dinner. Justine’s. Justine’s. Justine’s. A French restaurant that accommodates vegetarians is everything in my book. A caesar salad, ratatouille and too many French 75s to count are well worth the wait when dining on tiny bistro tables under a sweeping canopy of twinkling lights. For dessert, I want nothing more than the Tiramisu gelato on a homemade waffle cone at Dolce Neve. If you haven't already been there and tasted the Tiramisu gelato I suggest you walk, no; run, there as soon as you can. Now, they're only serving it every other day but when you can score a scoop, revel in the espresso soaked ladyfinger and mascarpone heaven that is this dessert.    


1. By Paige Locke

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4. Board and Bread  

5. Dolce Neve