Friday Favorites: Jenny Mulder

Jenny Mulder is the sista behind SISTER - starting with a coffee trailer in between Olive and Micklethwait Craft Meats, and then quickly filling her plate with a line of ceramics, marbling tutorials, and joining the two-lady-team of Feliz this year.  


1. Walk the dog.

If I’m a good girl then I’ll wake up, shower, make coffee and breakfast and allow myself to complete the transition from sleepy monster to adult human. Then I'll leave early for Bull Creek where Louie and I will go for a hike and swim. Usually though, I slide out of bed, put on pants, and stop for coffee and orange juice at the supermarket before getting to Bull Creek (where the transition to human will take place). I'd walk Bull Creek with my dog every day if it wasn't for work and life getting in the way. It's peaceful, remote, and most of the creek is just low enough that Louie, a corgi, will never really go "out of his depth". Plus, on weekends there is a farmer’s stand selling seasonal fruit at the trailhead. Lately it's been peaches.


2. Run Errands.

The supermarket is the place I like to go to day dream and call my mother. I don't really cook, but I like to pretend I cook so grocery shopping is a real treat for someone like me. Fiesta is my favorite place to go -  particularly since there is an ice cream stand at the entrance!! It's as if they know their supermarket is a carnival! Next I'll go to Jerry's Artarama for some notebooks and pens and then Armadillo Clay for all my ceramic supplies. I avoid the bank at all costs.


3. Eat Lunch.

If there is one food I love over all other foods, it's popcorn. I love it both in and out of the movie theater. While it may not stand alone as a complete meal, (although it has for me many, many times) at Alamo Drafthouse you can order it along with some veg or a milkshake. I love seeing an over-the-top blockbuster movie while wildly throwing popcorn towards my face. Afterwards, I'll call my sister and discuss the turbulent lives of mega movie stars.


4. Find Coffee.

I usually just have a coffee in the morning and a coffee around 2:00. They are both essential to my day. The morning coffee is a free for all, since I'm too groggy to make any good decisions. The afternoon coffee is the treat - and I'll go somewhere special like Flat Track Coffee for a really good cup. I can visit with my friends here, swoop through Farewell Books, oogle some lovely clothes at Las Cruxes, and see what Julia is pickling at Shhmaltz. Perhaps my friends will tell me what they're doing that evening and we'll make plans to meet up.


5. Socialize...

It's good to go out and see friends in large groups - although I think I prefer only seeing one or two people at a time. I love to see a good art show, and CoLab can transform their space into something spectacular. Sometimes before going to an event full of people, I'll meet up with a friend in the backyard of Friends & Neighbors for a glass of wine and light gossip.


6... Or Retreat.

My urge is usually to retreat and spend the evening with myself. On nights like this I'll take Louie for a walk around the Muller Development and think about Austin and how I spent my day in it. If I'm smart, I'll stop for a tidy cocktail at Contigo. I'll bring my notebook so I can write a to-do list for tomorrow and sketch up some ceramic designs. Contigo is such a beautiful space filled with such beautiful people - you only need to spend a little time here to be convinced that you too are special.

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