Wishlist Wednesday: Houston

It's often forgotten that Houston is a vibrant, bustling city of 2 million.  While some might initially associate Houston with suburban sprawl and oil rigs, my association starts with the lovely items below. The work of Evens, Angel Oloshove and Julia Gabriel will all be at Feliz this year and you couldn't ask for a better showcasing of Houston's finest.  So, feast your eyes on the items below and try as hard as you can to put all thoughts of John Travolta in Urban Cowboy out of your mind...or maybe not?


As autumn slowly approaches here in Austin, the muted colors and soft draping from evens are looking mighty appealing.  Not to mention the goatskin bag, which looks wonderfully soft - seriously, add to cart.

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The quirky pieces from angel oloshove range from handmade ceramics to handmade jewelry, with each piece making a fierce statement ya'll.

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The supple leather bags from Julia Gabriel display subtle details that are beautifully handmade.  I'm personally loving the contrast of the nylon cording with the soft leather, very modern.

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