Meet the Maker: Julia Gabriel

Mixtape Monday is on hiatus this week and in its place Feliz has brought you an extra dose of Meet the Maker. We're excited to introduce Julia Gabriel of Julia Gabriel Studio. Julia handmakes fine leather goods in her Houston, Texas studio and her most recent collection is fresh, modern and focuses on the Golden Ratio rule (but I'll let Julia talk more about that). We can't get enough of the hot pink straps and we're looking forward to seeing them at the Feliz Sale in wow less than a month. 

Hello! Please tell us a little bit about what you do and what you're bringing with you to Feliz!

Hi! I'm a bag designer and artist based in Houston, Texas. I will be bringing my newly launched Ratio Series to Feliz along with some secret products just for ya'll! This series is based around the Golden Ratio rule, a recurring proportion found in nature, which is also commonly used in architecture to create aesthetic balance. A mix of natural veg-tanned leather and durable nylon webbing highlights these strong shapes and makes for a minimal yet practical and stylish accessory.

Tell us the pros and cons about working with leather.

My first real experience with leather was a little less than a year ago when I purchased an industrial sewing machine with a walking-foot. The foot has two parts that "walk" along the leather, pulling it through the machine for perfect, even stitches. It's a dream! and changed everything for me. The tricky thing about leather is that you only get one chance to get it right. Once leather is sewn it has holes punched in it from the machine so there are no re-do's. This has, however, forced me to be a meticulous sewer.

How many purses should one person own?

One for every outfit!

For you, what's the difference between maker and artist?

There isn't much of one, really. I consider myself a designer, artist, problem solver, architect, seamstress, my own assistant, accountant, dog-lover, and not-so-great cook all day, every day.

I love/hate to do this, but in a very classic People Magazine way, can you tell us what's IN YOUR BAG?

Like the design of my bags, what I keep in mine is also minimal and essential. I'm currently sporting the Inverse Crossbody which perfectly fits my keys, phone, wallet, and the Zip Pouch for Chapstick and other miscellaneous things. Everything stays organized and easy to find.

Thanks so much Julia - I'm very very excited to buy your stuff. Are you bringing any of the bags with the glitter confetti elements?

I never actually produced those bags. They were more of an experiment but I may revisit the idea in the future.