Meet The Maker: Christine Fail of Fail Jewelry

Today we are going to meet Christine Fail and talk a little bit about her jewelry line cleverly named Fail, and the tension between creating, consuming, and reading too many blogs. Christine has a BFA in Studio Art and a background in metalsmithing, which clearly plays a role in the design and creation of her jewelry. Her jewelry is a poised mix of organic and geometric lines, hand cast in 14K gold fill, sterling silver, and brass. In my opinion these are the pieces you wear everyday, and that's exactly how Christine wants it to be. She states that a hammer touches every piece that she works on, so you can rest assured that every piece was lovingly handmade.

Christine is also a finalist for the Martha Stewart American Made competition and you can (and should) vote for her HERE.



Can you tell us about Fail and about what sort of things you’ll have at FELIZ this year?

 I’m excited to debut my F14 jewelry collection, Trace, at FELIZ this year.  For this collection, I wanted to play with texture, color, and light.  As a result of focusing on hammering, while eliminating semi-precious stones, I feel that this collection has returned to my roots as a metalsmith.  The layers of texture utilize light and motion to catch your eye, and the warm washes of color in 14k gold-fill, sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver, brass and bronze keep the contrasts understated while drawing the viewer in closer to appreciate the details.

Can you tell us about the name Fail?

Well, its my name!  I love the reaction that it gets from people when they first learn the name.  Most people think I am trying to be hip or ironic, but when they find out it is my last name, they love it even more.  It makes the years of teasing worth it now that "fail" is cool.

What artists do you turn to for inspiration?

I recently made a commitment to myself to "create more than I consume".  I went to a panel discussion on fostering creativity and in the process I realized I spend way too much time on the computer, and not enough time making.  With that said, I am trying not to spend too much time online, looking at other artists or designers.  I try and find my inspiration in nature, from my friends, and the women and men in my life.  I am so fortunate to know so many creative and expressive people.  They are the types setting trends instead of following them and I am naturally influenced by our conversations, our interests in art, architecture, music, and their personal style.  Of course, I am not completely immune to what other designers are doing.  When I do look for inspiration online, I look at home design and DYI blogs before fashion.  Remodelista is one of my daily reads.



Do you have jewelry that you always wear?

I am a creature of habit when it comes to my jewelry.  I wear the large gold infinity earrings, my utilitarian link bangle, and my wedding band everyday.  They are really versatile and are always my best option.  I then layer on different rings and necklaces depending on the day, however I really just rotate through 2 or 3 at the most.  I get a new piece or two with every collection and wear them everyday until I design something new!

 As a Feliz alum, do you have any advice for first-time vendors?

Definitely bring enough stock!  The FELIZ customer is getting a curated experience directed at them.  They are ready to buy!  Last year several designers sold out of pieces way to early and definitely missed some opportunities.



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Top image found here, others couresty of Christine and her Instagram