Meet the Maker: Angel Oloshove


Ok y'all. Today we are going to meet Angel Olsohove from Houston, Texas. Angel does super amazing and colorful ceramic sculpture and design. Her work has been featured on It's Nice That and Glasstire, and you can find her work at OliveMyth & SymbolReform School, and Mociun

Keep reading to find out what Angel will bring to Feliz and where she finds her inspiration.



Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re bringing to Feliz this year?

Hi! My name is Angel and I'm a ceramic sculptor and designer from Houston, Texas. I have both a functional line of pottery and I make large ceramic sculptures.  I'm known for my rainbow and ombre fade pottery. It's all super colorful and there seems to be little auras inside each one.  For Feliz, I will be bringing a group of lovely vessels, functional peace pipes and gold luster Positive Vibe badges. 

What’s the most glamorous part of your working process?

The clay studio can be a pretty dirty place, but I think the most glamorous and glorious part of my process is when I get to open the kiln and I see my colorful work emerge. It's feels like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one. 

How does where you live influence your work?

The Mexican farmers market on Airline really influences my work a lot. There's traditional pottery and a bunch of bootleg toys with of printed graphics and loosely spray painted gradients. That casual style has a real impact on me. 

Do you consider yourself to be more of a minimalist or maximalist?

I'm a minimalist in form and a maximalist in surface texture and color. I need that balance.


And lastly, How do you get the gradients on your pieces to be so smooth?! They're all crazy perfect! 

I use an airbrush and layer the colors. It makes them super smooth! I used to airbrush a lot when I made customized toys during that "vinyl toy" boom a few years back.

A big thank you to Angel for sharing with us!

If you love Angel's photos and work you can follow her on Instagram and check out her Tumblr!