Poster Child: Mason McFee of Hello Maseman

Mason McFee is the artist and designer behind Hello Maseman, whose work happens to include Feliz's awesome poster, postcards and vouchers.  That's not all he gets up to, though - he's constantly contributing to a vast array of design projects, art shows and events for a wide range of clients including Alamo Drafthouse, Tribeza, and Shiner Beer. Check out his site and shop to see a sample of what will be on offer at Feliz!

Can you tell us a little about what you're doing these days in the studio?

I’ve been pretty busy these days. Mostly jamming out on some art projects with some design stuff in between. 

I’ve got an art show in December with Conner O’leary at Bearded Lady and a zine project in the works with Crummy House.

What's Crummy House?

Crummy House is Jess Rose Clark and myself making things with other artists. Mostly, we’ve chosen the artists and had them over to our house to make artwork which we then turn into a zine. We also send the zines around the world to festivals and zine related events. We’ve been on a small hiatus as we focus on our own work, but we’re looking to relaunch the collaborations in the New Year.

What artists and work are you looking to these days for inspiration?

It’s funny, with the internet and social media these days, inspiration is everywhere. I really couldn’t call out a single person that I think has inspired me more than another. I’ve been into looking and working with old newspapers and Ebay for most of my inspiration these days, but Austin has so many great people making things these days, it's hard not to get inspired by all the things you learn about by just hanging with friends.

Can you tell us what some of your favorite projects from the past couple of years have been?

My latest work for Common House third anniversary really got me stoked on making things in three dimensions again. I’m hoping to have some opportunities to make some larger work in the future. Other than that, I went to San Francisco and New York this year for projects and events for different clients. Any type of travel gets me excited to work and do new things and meet new people.

You're going to get married to the amazing Jess Clark! Are you guys going to be 80 years old, on a porch, making zines and painting wood together? 

Yes, we are getting hitched! I couldn’t be more excited. As far as I can see, we’ll be doing just that, unless zines become some type of currency. Maybe paper will become a very scarce valuable commodity and we’ll sell out and head to the beach. We’ll see.


Thanks, Mason!


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