Meet the Maker: Watchman Woodworks

This is Dave - husband, father, teacher, and maker of spoons, (among other cool things). Dave is the man behind Watchman Woodworks, a new addition to the this year's Feliz lineup that I am very excited about. Dave's spoons and kitchenware would make every one of my Wishlist Wednesdays, and I am so happy to introduce him and his work on the blog for today's Meet the Maker!  

First off, can you tell us a little about you, what you make, and what you're bringing to Feliz!

I grew up in Dripping Springs and now live in east Austin with my family. I teach third grade math and science during the day and enjoy spending time in my workshop after school. I am really honored to be a part of Feliz and can’t wait to share my wooden spoons, boards and kitchen utensils with you folks.


Who taught you how to work with wood? 

My dad. He grew up on a farm in Minnesota where he learned about woodworking, engines, metalwork, etc. Growing up, I got to watch my dad work in his garage. There I got my first taste of woodworking. Even though I now have my own space it’s nice to be able to go out and spend time in that same garage making things together. 

You make both small wood wares and large furniture items, which do you prefer to make? 

It’s hard to say. I started making furniture as a necessity to fill a vacant apartment. I like the planning and problem solving of designing a new piece of furniture for a space. 

After I made a rocking chair for my son’s room, I had a lot of scraps. So I drew a spoon on a piece of walnut and started carving the bowl. I like that I don’t need a lot of tools to make spoons. I can spend a day working on one and have a finished product. 

Tell us a little bit about spoons and what you love about them.

They are useful – everyone uses them. I like that each piece is unique – just like every meal your share with your guests or family. 

What are the biggest influences to your design? 

I’m really inspired by constellations right now. I really love how the simple shapes of the stars translate into intricate and beautiful designs. Otherwise, I just like to make pieces that make you feel special about the meals and time you share with friends.