Meet the Maker: Miranda Bennett

Miranda Bennett started her line in 2006 after atteneding Parsons School of Design in everyone's favorite city, New York City. In 2013 she moved her operation to Austin and began designing go-to pieces for every woman that are truly seasonless. She's always ready to meet you with a smile and her designs will make you smile too. Her tops and dresses are perfect to throw on and go, and it looks like they've become (and will continue to become) a necessary staple for local Austin ladies. 

Miranda, this ain't your first rodeo - are you doing anything for different for Feliz this year, or are you just perfecting your pop up sale routine?

I am so thrilled about the selection we are bringing this year. Miranda Bennett Studio has grown so much since last November. You can expect to find naturally dyed textiles in a bunch of style (for necks, for waists, for be, for tabl), my women's apparel in fibe ike nim, otton gauze, and silk dyed with natural Indigo, Sandalwood, and Cutc, some studio explorations like and-dyed oil baskets anda few other surprise. PLUS, my incredible new Studio Assistant Mackenzie will be hanging out all day.

Why do you think your everyday dresses are loved by all types of ladies?

The Everyday dress came from my own desire for a garment I could wear everyday, in a variety of context, that would outlas seasons and trends. The tyle is now offered in so many variations, which follows my season-less Edition Series model of meditative explorations of past pieces as well as new concepts and design, all centered around the female form, drape and tactility. Creating colors from natural sources has kind of been that bonus element. I think people really respond to t intangible, living aspect of using non-synthetic dyes. You can expect to find the Everyday Dress in some exciting new fabrications, like natural denim and layered gauze, as well as a ton of new apparel styles.

What get's you more excited: dye or fabric?

It's always been about the fabric to me, interpreting what story a particular textile has to tell and how it marries with the fo; dyes are another way to highlight that aspect.

Is it easier being a designer/maker in Austin or in NYC?

Both ities ave their ease and their challenges. There is way more infrastructure in ew York, for sure. Your proximity to buyers is also pretty wonderful. For my [business] model, Austin has really been a blessing, though. There is an incredible and super supportive community here and the space to be truly thoughtful. I see my studio continuing to expand with a fleet of talented studio helpers - from dyers, to sewers, to graphic designers - all operating in-house, under one roof.






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Images couresty of Miranda Bennett