Meet The Maker: Rose Lazar of The Great Lakes Goods


Hello world - meet the endlessly sweet, charming, and creative woman behind The Great Lakes Goods. You saw her at Feliz the past two years, slinging charming cards, garlands, and celebration odds and ends. We ask Rose a little about what she brought, and find out that the weirder she makes it - the more people buy it! 

Hello! Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re bringing to Feliz this year

My name is Rose Lazar and I own and operate the great lakes goods. The Great Lakes Goods brings a little bit of love, a little bit of celebration and a little bit of sentiment to everything that we make.  I'm a printmaker by trade and have brought my love of printmaking to the masses in the form of the humble greeting card.  The other half of The Great Lakes Goods is hand painted and crafted wooden objects intent to bring good vibes and positive feelings.  This year I will be bringing some of the classics - wooden feathers and arrows - along with some new friends - wooden moons, eyes and garlands. There will also be a great selection of greeting cards for all occasions! 

What’s the most glamorous part of your working process?

The most glamorous part of my working process is just getting up every day and knowing that I get to go to work for myself!

How do you tell if something new you’ve just tried making is good or not?

It's hard to tell if something new is good or not!  Sometimes the things I'm most unsure of end up being the most popular!

I tend to make whatever I feel like in the moment.  It's sometimes planned, but mostly improvised until it's finished.  I've realized that the weirder the thing i decide to make, the more people respond to it. So, I'm super grateful for everyone going on this weird, wild ride with me!

As a Feliz alum, what do you want to tell the shoppers of the sale this year, any advice?

I decided to do feliz last year because I was so impressed by the prior years' round up of makers and last year's sale was so much fun.  It was my first time in Austin and I couldn't have asked for a nicer welcome.  All the shoppers came with a smile and optimism for all the rad stuff that was there.  So, shoppers of the 2014 feliz sale, my advice to you is come as you are!

thank you so much!!