Meet The Maker: Joanna of Oh, Laszlo!

Meet Joanna : the designer/creator of Oh, Laszlo. This isn't Joanna's first rodeo, in fact she's been a part of Feliz for the past 2 years! Her planters are modern, industrial, chic, and worth every penny. Visit her this Sunday and check out her "storm series"! 

Hey Joanna, Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, what you make, and what you'll have at Feliz this year?

Hello! I'm a designer, illustrator, maker and plant enthusiast here in Austin. OhLaszlo is my line of hand-cast concrete planters and home goods. This year I'm excited to be back at Feliz and sharing my Storm Series collection of planters, coasters, and vessels. 

How did you get started making planters?

I come from a family of talented gardeners and have always enjoyed living with and growing plants. In 2011, I started making concrete planters and after giving them as gifts to friends for the holidays, they took off.  

What are the top 3 influences to your design?

My Storm Series was influenced by spring storms and the southern skies. One of my favorite photos is "Storm Over La Bajada Hill" by Laura Gilpin, and this is really the feeling that I am going for. 

I'm definitely influenced by architect, Louis Kahn. I love the Kimbell Art Museum in Ft. Worth, it is a masterpiece of space and light. 

My concrete ware is completely influence by the food we eat, as most of my pieces are molded from used food containers. 

Does a sale like Feliz, where you're able to interact 1 on 1 with a customer, effect the way you make things in the future?

Yes, in fact interacting with customers at sales what I enjoy the most about my business. In our world of screens, its refreshing to meet new people face-to-face. I love seeing what people are drawn to and how they want to interact with the plants and the concrete. 

Why do you think Austin is so rich with artisans and designers?

I think it is because of Austin's history, it has always drawn creatives and people like us enjoy communtiy and the exchange of ideas. That's why people are afraid that is seems like Austin is changing-- they don't want to lose that.

Images via Oh, Laszlo