Meet The Maker: Christy Curcuru of Growing Jewelry!

Christy is the stunner behind Growing Jewelry - a line of one of a kind necklaces that focuses on experimenting with materials, and pulling from her past as a sculpture and painting student at RISD. She's a Feliz alum - but her jewelry is also available nationally - and on her website


Hello! Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re bringing to Feliz this year
This year I'll be bringing a little bit of everything...a sampling from all of my collections.  There will be new colorways, new designs and some special one-of-a-kind pieces made with unique materials like antique African trade beads.

How do you tune the world out and focus on making things?

It's always been my nature to tune the world out and focus on making things.  However, after recently having a baby it's not quite as easy.  The last 4 months have pretty much been all baby all the time (which is the best!), but I'm excited to get back in the studio. I have so many new ideas brewing!

As a Feliz alum, what do you want to tell the shoppers of the sale this year, any advice?

For all you Feliz shoppers, I'd say: Take a lap around the room to get a feel for everything first. There will no doubt be a ton of amazing things you'll want to snatch up. But, if you see something that's one of a kind or love at first sight, get it right away because it'll be a goner!

all images via growing